Study Questions ❓

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question #1: How long does the online survey take to complete?
Answer: When we tested the online survey, it took less than a minute to complete.

Question #2: What information (and data) will you collect from the online survey?
Answer: The online survey will ask for your name and a contact email address. You will also be asked to provide informed consent online, including a digital signature.

📲 Question #3: Who will contact me?
Answer: A member of the research team will contact you shortly after you complete the brief online survey. Typically, it will be the primary investigator, Dr. Oliver Beer. However, it may be another researcher that conducts the online interview with you.

💰 Question #4: When will I receive the $25 (USD) e-gift card incentive for participating?
Answer: Great question! We want to get you the participation incentive quickly. After taking part in the interview (and assuming that you are a child welfare worker and/or supervisor), the primary investigator will put in the request for your e-gift card.
Note: Please ensure your email is correct!

🎒 Question #5: I am a student. Can I take part in this study?
Answer: This study was approved for child welfare workers and supervisors only. However, we will be expanding this research (in the future) to include students. Sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know when you can take part.

Question #6: The recruitment survey is closed. Can I still take part?
Answer: We had a fantastic response (thank you!) to this study. Therefore, we needed to end recruitment. Although recruitment for this study is closed, you can sign up to our study newsletter for updates, information, and opportunities to participate in other research we conduct.

👤 Question #7: Can I refer a friend to take part?
Answer: Since the recruitment is currently closed, we are no longer accepting new expressions of interest from child welfare workers. However, the research team are exceptionally grateful from the reception and support from the child welfare community.
✉️ Please sign up to our mailing list (below) if you are interested in future studies. Don’t worry, we will never sell your data or send you ‘junk mail.’